"More than just fun"

Because video games can give you more than fun.

Who We Are

We are an indie game development team based in Bangkok, Thailand, formed by passionate students who love playing video games.

Our objective is to create a video game that goes beyond mere entertainment. We endeavor to craft a masterpiece that not only brings enjoyment but also tells a compelling story, conveys meaningful messages, and inspires countless individuals.


What they are saying about us

"I really enjoyed this game. It had a great, sharp and smooth aesthetic, handled well and just seemed well polished, which is why the price tag was more around the £5 mark instead of around £2."

Plastic Scot

Steam User

"Dude this game is actually horrifying. I played with my homie and stopped for a little but I am just so anxious to get back on and play again. If your looking at this game thinking its bad because its cheap or little reviews, you should be happy."


Steam User

"It was one of the funnest horror games I've played! Definitely got me with a few jump scares. Pretty good and simple horror game."


Steam User

"Game was honestly a lot of fun to play with my friend, it becomes harder to survive when you get the generators done but we made it to the end. perfect amount of challenge in my opinion so I'd def recommend, but it probs wouldn't have been as much fun playing alone."


Steam User

"What a good ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ game, it has a good concept that im looking in horror games, something that keeps my blood flowing and keeps me thrilled."


Steam User


Our Team

Rachata Suksereekul

Game Design / Programmer / Writer
Unwashed, Our Mountain, Psycho, Best Friend, World Edge - The Battle

Kritsana Chumuen

Game Design / 3D Artist / Level Design

Pawis Fuengmanee

2D Artist / Concept Design

Nateepat Delokluangpong

UI Design / Writer
Unwashed, Our Mountain, Psycho


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